Consulting Services

Cost Estimation & Budgeting

We can talk you through what to expect for pricing in this area and discuss the pros and cons of the different type of construction and the different style of builders, we can also build you a high level proposal or we can review and compare proposals you have received and give you a side by side detailed breakdown of the differences and what questions to ask your builder.

City of Galveston Permitting

HOA submittals, Texas General Land Office, Army Corps of Engineers... Dealing with any or all of these organizations can cost a lot of time and frustration. We have experience with all of these and can help you get the answers you need, the correct documentation and the right person to speak to.

Site Visits & Inspections

If you need a 3rd party to oversee, partner with your builder, verify things are getting done correctly and in a timely manner, we can provide any or all of those services. Often times our clients do not live in the area and having another set of eyes that can be on the jobsite everyday will give you a piece of mind. Most inspection service companies are familiar with traditional construction, but are not familiar with coastal building and the products necessary for this environment. We can provide daily, weekly reporting as well as pictures of everything that goes on with your project.

Sick Homes

Do you have moisture issues? Do you have issues with your home that makes it uncomfortable inside? Do you have high maintenance costs? High electric bills? We can help put you in touch with a building science company that can diagnose your issues and help to fix them.